How do I start service?
Please pick up an application or download one from the website. Complete it and return to the Customer Care counter at City Hall. You’ll also need your driver’s license (one for each person to be listed on the account), proof of residency, and a deposit.

For proof of residency, renters should bring a copy of their lease; owners should bring a copy of the warranty deed indicating the property address they purchased. Deposits are computed based on two month’s of historical consumption at the service location. Please contact Customer Care if you’d like the estimated deposit for an address.

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1. How do I start service?
2. How long will the city hold my deposit?
3. If I previously had an account, can I restart it?
4. How do I discontinue my services?
5. How do I move to a new location within the city service area?
6. How can I pay my bill?
7. What forms of payment are accepted?
8. Can I disclaim responsibility for my renter’s utilities?
9. How can I have the utilities kept on after my tenant moves out?
10. How can I obtain utility consumption statistics for my properties?
11. What happens if a tenant leaves an unpaid utility bill?