What are accepted grounds or a basis for re-zoning?
  1. There was a mistake in the original mapping of the district for a particular area and the proposed amendment would correct this mistake. In most instances, a mistake would imply that the zoning district which was applied originally did not correspond well to the character of the existing land use in the area.
  2. The exact location of a particular zoning district boundary is obscure or irrational or severs a lot area into two 2 or more zoning districts so that it is difficult to develop the lot area properly.
  3. Due to changing circumstances of land use in the area, the proposed zoning district would be better suited to the area than the existing zoning district.
  4. The land area within a rural holding zone designation has become appropriate for urban development as a result of availability of public utilities and services as well as the needs of the public.
  5. The social, economic or environmental interests of the general public good would be better served by the proposed zoning district than the existing one.
  6. The proposed change in zoning district boundaries is needed to bring the official zoning map into conformance with changes in the text of this title or with the city master plan.
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