What are the steps in the annexation process?
  1. Consult with the Planning Department.
  2. Prepare the application and plat with the appropriate information shown
  3. Submit your request with the processing fee.
  4. The Planning Department reviews your request and distributes to the Gallup Task Force GTF for initial review and comment.
  5. Planning Department returns GTF comments to the applicant for revisions prior to submittal to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration. If there are several comments or revisions to your submittal the Planning office will ask you and your project engineer to meet with the GTF.
  6. Planning Department holds a public hearing and makes recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Your attendance or representation at the public hearing is required or action will not be taken. There is a deadline on the second Friday of each month to accept annexation requests to be considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission the following month.
  7. The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendation to the City Council.
  8. City Council holds a public hearing and makes a decision about the annexation request.
  9. After a 30-day appeal period, owners sign the final plat. The annexation is complete once plat is filed with the County Clerk's Office.
Download the annexation request form

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