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11:00am via Google Hangouts and Live Stream to Facebook

committee members join through:

Staff Facilitator: Jennifer Lazarz, Tourism & Marketing Manager,
Committee Members: Cindy Tanner (chair), Jeremy Boucher, Anna Connell, Jason Arsenault, Ken Riege


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from January 20 Meeting


Presentation: Losses in Lodgers Tax Revenues for FY20 and insights into FY21 Travel

Data about current US Travel Trends and industry research into future travel.

Discussion and Approval of FY21 Lodgers Tax Budget

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Lodgers Tax fund has suffered substantial losses and requires restructuring from a $1.5 million fund to 45% the estimated revenues at $675,000.  This may be reduced again in the fall depending on industry trends, but these are the best estimates given current data.

The Governor of New Mexico's reopening plan does not include extending mass gatherings to over 100 people for our region until at least July some time, and will not increase until a vaccine or herd immunity is available.  This budget reflects cutting all event funding for the foreseeable future.
The FY21 budget suspends the grants program until early 2021 were a new program will be released.  

Motion to Adjourn