VisitGallup_2021_ColorOption1 Lodgers Tax Committee Meeting 4/14/2022 10:00 A.M.

City of Gallup Municipal Building, Council Chambers 110 W. Aztec Avenue

Committee Members: Jeremy Boucher, Anna Connell, Jason Arsenault, Ken Riege, Keeshaw Keyanna Candelaria


Roll Call


Discussion & Appointment of Committee Chair

Committee members will discuss then vote to appoint a committee chairperson. 


Approval of Minutes from January 6, 2022


Approval of Resolution Resolution Annual Determination Of Notice Under The Open Meetings Act

The New Mexico Open Meetings Act requires all public bodies to provide reasonable notice to the public of all its meetings.  The Act also requires public bodies to determine its notice procedures at least once a year in a public meeting.  While the Open Meetings Act itself does not impose any specific requirements, other than an agenda being available 72 hours in advance of each meeting, the New Mexico Attorney General will consider the following notice procedure as reasonable:  1) 10 days advance notice for regular meetings; 2) 3 days advance notice for special meetings; and 3) 24 hours advance notice for emergency meetings, unless the threat of personal injury or property damage requires less notice.  The proposed resolution contains the Attorney General's recommendations for providing notice to the public of all City Council meetings.  The resolution also provides language for the City Council to comply with the Attorney General's guidelines for conducting virtual meetings, if such meetings are necessary.  

Speaker: Alfred Abeita, City Clerk


Grant Review And Recommendations: Part 4 (Final)

Grant Application Review, Part 4 of 4 for FY22, events before June 30, 2022

  1.  June 2022 Lions Club of Gallup Family Hoe Down  Celebration (Downtown event) $7,080 
  2. June 2022 Trice's Red Rock Classic  $11,000
  3. June 2022 Trice's NM Route 66 Showdown $4,150

Available funds $78,500

Total requested today: $22,230


Grant Review and Recommendations: FY23 Part 1

Review of applications for all events before September 30th and later events that chose to apply at this time.  


Motion to Adjourn