City Council Chambers, 110 W Aztec Avenue, Gallup NM

Staff Facilitator: Jennifer Lazarz, Tourism & Marketing Manager,

Committee Members: Cindy Tanner (chair), Jeremy Boucher, Anna Connell, Yogash Kumar (Vacancy: tourism-related business representative)


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from 2/26/2019

2/26/2019 Lodgers Tax Committee Meeting- Tourism Infrastructure

Presentation: Annual Funding Chart and Expenditures Guidelines

The Tourism and Marketing Manager will present the Annual Awards chart to the Lodgers Tax Committee then will review the expenditures and reimbursement guidelines with all applicants present since there were changes approved by City Council in February of 2019.  

Review and Recommendations for End of FY19 Applications

The Lodgers Tax Committee will review the end of FY19 Grant Applications for consideration for the remaining available grant funding of $80,965.00


Review and Recommendations for FY20 Part 1 Grant Applications

The Lodgers Tax Committee with review and make recommendations for grant applications from the $250,000 funding allocated for grants in FY2020 (funding allocation pending final City Budget approval by City Council). 

(Note for event coordinators: Funding is pending City Council approval of grant funding on a regular City Council agenda AND the FY2020 City of Gallup Annual Budget. Reimbursements will not be available until after July 1, 2020.)


Motion to Adjourn