TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2023; 6:00 P.M.


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Louie Bonaguidi, Mayor

  Linda Garcia, Councilor, Dist. 1       Michael Schaaf, Councilor, Dist. 2
Sarah Piano, Councilor, Dist. 3        Fran Palochak, Councilor, Dist. 4

Maryann Ustick, City Manager

David Eason, City Attorney

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Presentation of Commendation

Paul McCollum, Gallup/McKinley County Day Honoree at the New Mexico Legislature


Consent Agenda

These items are placed on the Consent Agenda so City Council can designate by unanimous consent those routine items they wish to be approved or acknowledged by one motion.  If any item does not meet the approval of all Council members or if a citizen so requests, it will be heard as a separate item.

Action Needed:

Motion to approve or acknowledge Items 1-3 on the Consent Agenda by unanimous vote:


Approval of Minutes

February 28, 2023 Regular Meeting and Strategic Planning Work Session

March 1, 2023 Strategic Planning Work Session

Fiscal Impact:
Approve the minutes.
Speaker's Name

Budget adjustment approval for Taxation & Revenue Fee on Cannabis Excise tax

Each month the Taxation and Revenue department collects and distributes the new excise tax.  As part of the process they charge (withhold) a fee.  An expense budget is necessary to properly account for this fee.  Council previously approved a $1,000 budget for this line and the current estimate of fees is $8,000-$10,000 annually.  We are requesting a budget adjustment of $9,000 to ensure proper budget is in place for the state imposed fee.

Fiscal Impact:
Increase in fund 280 expenditures in the amount of $9,000
Approve budget adjustments listed above
Speaker's Name
Patty Holland

Increase to Revenue and Expenditure for the Octavia Fellin Public Library in the amount of $114,073.08

The Octavia Fellin Public Library received $98,691 for the 2020 General Obligation Bond sales and $15,382.08 for the State Aid distribution from the Department of Cultural Affairs. City staff recommends that the City of Gallup accept both the GO Bond and State Aid funding to supplement our library budget. This will be an increase in budget and expenditures in the amount of $114,073.08. The funds should be allocated as follows:

  • GO Bond
     $70,000 to capital expense 213-5055-432.48-20 for the purchase of new shelving and furniture (specs and quotes are attached).
     $20,000 to non-cap furniture and fixtures 213-5055-435.46-20 
     $5000 to supplies 213-5055-435.46-10
     $3691 to books 
  • State-Grants-In-Aid 
    $10,000 to non-cap furniture and fixtures 213-5055-435.46-20
     $2782.08 to travel 213-5055-435.43-10
     $2600 to employee training 213-5055-435.47-04
Fiscal Impact:
Increase in revenue and expenditure for the Octavia Fellin Public Library in the amount of $114,073.08
Approve increase to revenue and expenditures for the Octavia Fellin Public Library
Speaker's Name
Tammi Moe

Discussion/Action Topics


Construction Contract Award for Phase III Of The Nizhoni Boulevard Complete Street Reconstruction Project

Phase III of the Nizhoni Boulevard complete street reconstruction project includes reconstruction of the Nizhoni Boulevard corridor including underground utilities.

Bids were opened on for the subject project on February 21, 2023. There were four bidders: Murphy Builders, Inc., Adame Construction Inc., H.O. Construction Inc., and AUI Inc. Murphy Builders, Inc. of Gallup, NM submitted the lowest bid for $5,864,487.14 including NMGRT. See attached bid tabulation sheet.

Engineer of record is DePauli Engineering and Surveying of Gallup, NM Their proposal for construction management and quality assurance was awarded by City Council at the February 28, 2023 meeting. Letter of Recommendation from the Engineer of record for this construction bid has been attached.

Funding for this project has already been approved by City Council through a Municipal Arterial Program (MAP) Cooperative Agreement in the amount of $949,823.00 and has been set up in Project No. CI2303, Transportation Project Fund (TPF) Agreement $4,594,000.00 and has been set up in Project No. CI2315, the matches for these grants agreements have been set up in Project No. CP2211 and Effluent Line construction from Wastewater in the amount of $597,000 and has been set up in Project No. JU5859. No additional funding is required for this phase of the project.

Fiscal Impact:
Funding for this project has been already been approved and set up in Project Nos. CI2303, CI2315, CP2211, and JU5859. No additional funding is required for this phase of the project.
Staff recommends award of contract to Murphy Builders, Inc.
Speaker's Name
Clyde 'C.B.' Strain

Recommendation Of Bid Award For Formal Bid No. 2301 - To Adame Construction, Inc. Of Los Lunas, New Mexico For The Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project (NGWSP)- Reach 27.7B And Related Budget Adjustments

The lowest qualified bidder for NGWSP Reach 27.7B (Formal Bid 2301) was Adame Construction, Inc. of Los Lunas, N.M. in the amount of $6,579,108.31 including New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax.

NGWSP, Reach 27.7B is funded by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Cooperative Agreement No. R11AC40002 and the Water Trust Board (WTB) Project No WPF-5424 through the New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA).

The project consists of installing approximately 6,650 linear feet of 18” Cl. 350 ductile iron waterline, 15,000 linear feet of 18” Cl. 235 dr-18 PVC waterline, and a meter station. The waterline intersects Kinder-Morgan, Transwestern, and Marathon gas lines and crosses through the North Fork of the Puerco River.  Work will include air release stations, valves, fittings, specials, grade control structures and devices, grading, excavation, trenching, backfilling, and compaction.  Asphalt, gravel road surfacing, and fencing will also be required. 

This project is located northeast of Gallup, New Mexico within Sections 18,17, 8, 9, and 10, T15N, R17W N.M.P.M. The 18” waterline begins at the end of NGWSP Reach 27.6 close to the intersection of Hasler Valley Road and County Road 43.  The waterline then runs northeast along Hasler Valley Road and the Transwestern Gas Line to the west boundary of Red Rock State Park.  The meter station in located south of the Kinder-Morgan gas lines off of Hasler Valley Road.

Funding balance in Project WPF-5424 is $4,208,271 

Fiscal Impact:
Budget adjustment of revenues and expenditures into Fund 306 in the amount of $2,370,838, reimbursable by the USBR.
Approval of bid award and related budget adjustment
Speaker's Name
Adrian Marrufo - Acting Director SW/W/WW

Seeding Options for Fox Run Golf Course

Fox Run Golf Course has experienced inconsistent water flows and outages over the last three seasons. The damage to the golf course during this time has been substantial, with most of the course losing turf on Fairways, Tee’s, and Green Surrounds. Due to water outages and pipe breaks in the summer of 2021, the golf course greens experienced damage during this time. We tried to prevent as much damage as possible by hand-watering the greens and made applications of wetting agents/adjuvants to help the greens retain as much moisture as possible. Last year, we closed greens 10, 15, and 17 for 5-6 months for re-seeding and successfully re-established these greens. We now need to re-seed the remaining portions of the golf course to increase rounds of golf and revenues. I have attached a document for your review outlining three golf course options for re-seeding.

Fiscal Impact:
Revenues will be decreased during the closures
Staff recommends that option 1 be selected due to staffing shortages and fastest completion of work
Speaker's Name
Matthew Alcala

Comments by Public on Non-Agenda Items

Members of the public are invited to comment on matters not appearing on the meeting agenda.


Comments by Mayor and City Councilors


Comments by City Manager and City Attorney


Motion to Adjourn

 Pursuant to the “Open Meetings Act”, NMSA 1978, Section 10-15-1 through 10-15-4 of the State of New Mexico, this Agenda was posted at a place freely accessible to the public 72 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.