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210 S Second Street, El Morro Events Center

Staff Facilitator: Jennifer Lazarz, Tourism & Marketing Manager,
Committee Members: Cindy Tanner (chair), Jeremy Boucher, Anna Connell, Jason Arsenault, Ken Riege


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from 9/17/2019 Meeting


Review of FY20 Part 4 of 5 Grant Applications

The application deadline for funding for this round was January 3, 2020.  The next and final deadline for all application funding in FY20 is March 6, 2020.

Presentation: Progress update on FY19 Strategic Plan

Jennifer will give a brief update on the progress of FY19 strategic objectives. 

Discussion & Action on Additions to Strategic Plan for FY20

The Lodgers Tax Commitee will discuss and vote upon any changes or addition to the FY20 Strategic Plan.

Discussion and Action on Lodgers Tax Application, Funding Structure & Guidelines for Lodgers Tax

The Lodgers Tax Committee will review the existing Lodgers Tax Application and funding guidelines.  They will discuss any changes and vote to approve any recommended changes for submission to City Council.

Review of FY20 Event Evaluations to Date

The Lodgers Tax Committee will review and discuss the event evaluations for all events that have occurred in FY20 to date.

Discussion and Action: Event Evaluation Form

The Lodgers Tax Committee will review the annual event evaluation form, discuss and vote on any changes for recommendation to City Council.

Motion to Adjourn