9:00am at El Morro Events Center, 210 S Second Street 
Open to the public or Streamed for the public @cityofgallup on Facebook 
Staff Facilitator: Jennifer Lazarz, Tourism & Marketing Manager, jlazarz@gallupnm.gov

Committee Members: Jeremy Boucher, Anna Connell, Jason Arsenault, Ken Riege


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from 8/17/21


Grant Review and Recommendations: Part 3

Grant Application Review, Part 3 of 4 for FY22.

  1.  May 2022 Friends of Hubbell Auction Request of $5,500
  2. June 2022 Lions Club of Gallup 72nd Annual Rodeo Request of $30,000
  3. June 2022 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Request of $6,000

Available funds $120,000


Discussion and Action FY 23 Strategic Plan Update

The Lodgers tax committee will discuss elements of a new SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of Gallup tourism based on their opinions of post-COVID circumstances and observations.  After this, the committee will discuss options for future projects and goals for the City of Gallup Tourism and Marketing Department and make a recommendation for changes to the plan for FY23. 


Motion to Adjourn