Land Use & Zoning - Applications & Information

Land Use & Zoning - Applications & Information

2023 Planning & Zoning Commission Calendar - Application submittal deadlines, meeting date, appeals deadline.

Annexation Request. Use this form to begin the process to annex a parcel of land into the City of Gallup.

Appeals Application. Use this form to file an appeal of a decision by the Zoning Administrator or a decision by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Conditional Use Permit. Request for approval of land uses that might be permitted, with conditions, after a public review.

Rezoning Application. Request to change the land uses and specific requirements placed upon your land.

Subdivision Application. Application for subdivision or site development review. Used when splitting property, creating lots, platting and replatting, and requesting development review.

Vacation Application. Application for vacation of a street / alley right-of-way or a public utility / drainage.

Variance Application. Request for relief from certain provisions of the Zoning regulations due to special conditions peculiar to your land.Homeowner’s Permit Applications