GPD Response to the Novel COVID-19 Coronavirus

The City of Gallup Police Department is working to take proactive measures to serve all members of the community in the most comprehensive manner during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and beyond.  In order to better respond to the community’s health and safety, steps are being implemented to reduce in-person interaction for non-emergency police reports.

New Forms

The City of Gallup website COVID-19 Resources page has been updated with a link to access online forms and services that are now available from the Gallup Police Department. All of these forms can be downloaded and the Gallup Police Department requests that you email your form in.  We will respond as soon as possible with a police incident report number.  

Forms now available online for public reporting include: 

  1. The Non-Emergency Incident Report Form may be completed whenever one of the following incidents occur: 

Criminal Damage to Property (under $1,000, with no suspect information)

Shoplifting (under $500, with no suspect information)

Falsely Obtaining Service

Larceny (under $500, with no suspect information)

Fraud (no suspect information)


Civil Dispute Report (These incidents will not be investigated but this provides legal documentation)

Information Report

Lost Items

  1. The Self-Reporting Accident Form is to be used whenever a vehicular accident occurs on private property or vehicles have been removed from the scene. 

  2. Request for Public Records Form.  Submit this form for a copy of your police report for cases or crashes.

  3. Witness Statement Form. This is to fill out if you would like to include a witness statement as part of your police report.

When you have completed any of the forms, you may email it to the City of Gallup Records Department at, or fax it to (505) 722-5726, or by mail to Gallup Police Department Records, 451 Boardman Drive, Gallup, NM 87301.  In addition, you can call Records at (505) 863-9365 to request that we mail you hard copies of the forms.  We request that the public refrain from visiting the Police Department for in-person report requests, but rather use the above-outlined methods.  A report number will be issued as soon as they are available to the contact information on the form that is submitted.

Evidence and/or Property Retrieval

The public must now call or email in advance to initiate the process to release evidence and/or property. This enables the Gallup Police Department Evidence Technicians to ensure that the property is ready to be released and they will schedule an appointment for you to pick up items approved for release.  Contact the following technicians to request evidence release:

 Metro Dispatch

To meet with a uniformed patrol officer call (505) 722-2002.  Officers will do their best to respond in a timely manner, however as the COVID-19 situation escalates, response times may vary depending on priority calls. 


The City of Gallup Police Department is remaining open for its normal hours and our personnel will still be responding to the public’s safety in the most efficient manner possible.  We request that you call ahead to schedule an appointment with any of our personnel so that in-person meetings can be set up in a sanitized environment. 


We appreciate your dedication to working together with us to continue to make Gallup a safer community, especially as we adapt to the health and safety measures necessary to protect everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.