Tourism and Marketing

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Department Information

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Tourism and Marketing Manager
Jennifer Lazarz
Mailing Address: 110 W Aztec Ave
Office Location (no mail): 205 W Coal Ave
Gallup NM 87301

Objectives of the Office of Tourism and Marketing

The Office of Tourism and Marketing oversees the marketing and branding for all city-related and regional events in the best interests of tourism. This office is also the administrator of lodgers' tax grants and oversees the lodgers' tax expenditures for the City of Gallup. This office also oversees the operations of the City's two historic facilities: the El Morro Theatre and Events Center, and the Rex Museum. For more information on those facilities please visit them on the menu to the left of the page logo.

Services We Provide:

  • Consulting services on event marketing
  • Consulting services on event planning and execution
  • Grant application review
  • Oversight of the Lodgers' Tax Committee and their recommendations for funding
  • Assistance with integration into the GallupRealTrue brand
  • Execution of the City of Gallup Marketing Plan
  • Assistance with coordinating sports tournaments