Fireworks Permit Information

A fireworks permit is required for individual or an organization to discharge fireworks within the City of Gallup. All firework applicants must be submitted to the Clerk's office located at 110 W. Aztec, Monday-Friday between the regular business hours of 8-5.

Individual Permits will cost $15.00, these permits are intended for the use of individuals over the age of eighteen (18) and intended for residential locations. 

Organization Permits will cost $25.00, these permits are intended for the use of civic groups and local business.  These permits are for the use at a listed listed location only.

A Display Permit will cost $100.00, applicant will require a display  licensed from the State of New Mexico Fire Marshals Office, certificate of liability insurance of not less than $1,000,000.00, inventory list of commodities,
site map and approval from the Gallup Fire Department.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Fireworks should be used on a flat, firm surface such as the ground or a driveway. Stay away from bushes, grass and trees, or anything else that might catch fire.  Stay away from vehicles.
  • Have a bucket of water and garden hose available for use in case of fire.
  • There should be a responsible adult present when fireworks are being used.
  • After the firework has been used, it should be picked up with a shovel, dropped into a bucket of water and left to soak for several hours before being discarded in the trash.
  • “Duds” or fireworks that did not go off after being lit should be picked up with a shovel and dropped into a bucket of water. You should not try to relight it.
  • If a fire does start because of fireworks, don’t panic. Use the garden hose or bucket of water to put the fire out or prevent it from getting larger. Call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.
  • Fireworks should never be used in a building.

 Here are some safety precautions that homeowners can take to protect their property:

  • Clean your yard of any unnecessary weeds or plant growth. Cut grass and keep watered. Green plants are less likely to burn.
  • Clean any accumulated combustible material, and other dead growth and dispose of properly.
  • Keep a garden hose connected and ready to use in case a fire starts in your yard, even if you are not using fireworks. If you do not have a garden hose to use, a bucket of water on stand-by is a good back up.
  • Keep pets inside in the evening, especially on the 4th of July.
  • Keep vehicles that are parked at home locked up and all windows shut.  Park in a garage or under a canopy if available.
  • Check your property several times during the evening if fireworks are being used in your area. Many times a fire can be detected while it is small and prevented from getting larger.

For more information, contact:
Jacob LaCroix, Fire Marshal
(505) 726-5448