Corporate Seal, Logos and Identity Standards

The City of Gallup, New Mexico has established standards for the specification and application of its official logos. It is essential that staff and other potential logo users adhere to these standards to ensure consistency in how the city presents itself to the public, and that it does so in a professional manner.

City of Gallup logo

Since the 1950's, the city has incorporated the thunderbird into its various logos in some fashion. In 2012, the City Council adopted a revised version of the traditional logo that provides a clear and easily reproducible form, replacing a variety of alternatives in use.

This logo has been specifically designed to represent the City of Gallup. The typography and colors have been uniquely chosen to embody Gallup and its values. This logo is the way people will identify with Gallup and therefore it cannot be altered or destroyed in any way.

City of Gallup Corporate Seal
Corporate Seal

The city also has adopted a new corporate seal that uses the new version of the thunderbird. The seal displays the thunderbird inscribed by a stylized circle and the words "City of Gallup, New Mexico" and "Founded 1881." The seal is to be used as determined by New Mexico or city statute, and will most commonly appear on official documents requiring the impression of a corporate seal.

Identity Standards

The city has implemented an identity system to specify exactly how its artwork is to appear, and how it is to be applied in signage, stationery and other common uses. The identity system includes technical information on the allowable forms of the logo and logotype "City of Gallup", sizes, colors with Pantone Matching System information, and typography. Any persons desiring to use the logo must have express written permission from the City of Gallup and must do so in conformance with the identity system specifications. The logo and logotype are copyrighted by the city.

Questions about proper usage of the logo or any aspect of the identity system should be directed to the Assistant City Manager at (505) 863-1292 or via email.