Junior Public Safety Academy

The Junior Public Safety Academy inspires young people to claim their role as citizens with an enthusiasm for public safety. The academy is a five day course of training designed to provide participants ages 10 to 18 with meaningful and positive interactions with Police Officers, Fire Fighters First responders and EMS, through first-hand experience of the life of a cadet / recruit in training. Through hands on education and training they are introduced to challenging subjects such as Military Bearing and Drill, Physical Fitness, Officer Safety, Fire Safety, CPR, First Aide, Search and Rescue, Scuba Diving and Team Building Exercises. This program is made possible by the best agencies in our area: Gallup Fire Department, Gallup Police Department, McKinley County Sheriff's office, McKinley County Detention center, Metro Dispatch,McKinley County Fire Marshals Office, New Mexico State Police, NM State Police CVE, OMI, and the City of Gallup Aquatic Center. When law enforcement officers, fire fighters, first responders, veterans, EMT's and young people are brought together, great things happen!

Our academy curriculum consists of a wide variety of Public Safety topics, including:
  • what it’s like to be a police officer, fire fighter, EMT, or Military service person
  • criminal law, DWI, traffic enforcement, internet safety, accident investigation, crime scene investigation, K9;
  • fire arms training, drill and ceremony, physical fitness, defensive tactics;
  • fire prevention, fire safety, fire rescue, fire extinguisher training, fire hose training, CPR
  • Land navigation, scuba diving, swimming 
There is much much more! The next Academy is tentatively scheduled July 20th - July 25th, 2020. Do not Contact the City of Gallup. Please watch our face book page for announcements to join us at an upcoming event. www.facebook.com/Junior-Public-Safety-Academy-190577921124776/