Fee Schedule

Fitness Center Membership Rates

There are various memberships to meet your need; single, couple, family, corporate, special, monthly, and yearly. We have membership payments month to month or auto pay monthly.
Any fees that are paid on auto-pay (checking, savings or credit card account), then membership fees will be charged for three months to sign up, thereafter the individual membership type will be applied.
If further questions on memberships or payment please call the center for individual assistance. (505)722-7271

Membership Type Dues Tax Total
Single- 1 individual $42.86 $2.14 $45.00
Couple- 2 individuals may or may not be married or related. $61.90 $3.10 $65.00
Family- Family of 5. All must reside in the same household. Proof of Residence. $76.19 $3.81 $80.00
EFT Single-  monthly auto pay $38.10 $1.91 $40.01
EFT Couple- monthly auto pay $57.14 $2.86 $60.00
EFT Family- monthly auto pay $71.43 $3.57 $75.00


Single (12 Months) $480.00 $24.00 $504.00
Couple (12 Months) $720.00 $36.00 $756.00
Family (12 Months) $900.00 $45.00 $945.00

 Corporate Rate: Corporate paying for 10 or more members. Corporate members only.   Corporate must sign up.  $38.10  $1.91  $40.01ea.
Special Rates: Government, Seniors, Emergency Services, Military, DVA, Disabled.
Fee only applies to the one individual. ID required.
$33.33 $1.67  $35.00
Daily walk-ins