General Information

Residential Collection

We will provide you with a herbie for holding your trash for pickup. A herbie (a.k.a. “herbie curbie”) is our standard plastic refuse container. It holds approximately 96 gallons of waste, or about 5 large garbage sacks. All of your waste must fit inside the herbie to be picked up.

Please set your herbie out (wheels against the curb) no later than 7:00 am on your designated collection day. The herbie should be placed at least 5 feet away from all obstructions, such as vehicles, trees, mailboxes, etc. There is no set time for collection regardless of collection times provided in the past. Also, please bag your trash to prevent loose items from falling out of the container or truck.

Please keep your herbie clean by occasionally using mild soap and water. Bagging your trash will help keep the herbie cleaner. We will not change your herbie simply because it is dirty. The herbie assigned to you remains the property of the City of Gallup and will be repaired or replaced as needed due to normal wear and tear. You will be responsible for the replacement cost of any herbie damaged through negligence or deliberate acts.

Free Dumping Coupons

The Solid Waste Division provides three dump coupons per account each year for customers in good standing who reside within Gallup city limits. These coupons are valued at $7 each and are good for disposal of up to 300 pounds of refuse at the transfer station located at 107 Hassler Valley Road. Coupons may be obtained at the Customer Care counter at City Hall during normal business hours. Customers are responsible for any additional charges exceeding the coupon value.