Deposits and Fees


City of Gallup requires payment of a deposit to initiate utility service.  City ordinance requires that the deposit calculation shall be based upon the utility consumption history at the service location.  The amount shall be equal to (2) months of average consumption or the minimum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), whichever is greater.  Customer Care has sole discretion to change the deposit amount based upon prior customer account history with City of Gallup Utilities.  Deposits for newly constructed buildings with no prior service will be determined by meter class, id small, medium, large or industrial size as determined by the electric and water directors or their designee's.


The following is a summary of fees charged by Customer Care effective February 27, 2018.

Fees and Penalties Amount
Late Fee $25.00
Urgent Notice Fee $0.00
Administrative Processing Fee (Residential) for Non-Payment $60.00
Administrative Processing Fee (Commercial) for Non-Payment
Copies of account documents $0.50 per page
Returned Check Fee $35.00
Tampering Fee $150.00 per service per incident