Collections, Shutoffs, and Write-offs


If an account is shutoff for non-payment, we cannot restore service until the delinquency, shutoff notice fee and reconnect fee are paid.

Reconnect Fees

The reconnect fee for residential accounts is $100; for commercial accounts the fee is $250. We only accept cash, credit cards, money orders, or certified checks for payment when an account is in shutoff status. Personal checks cannot be accepted for payment of shutoff accounts.

Unable to Pay Bill

Customers unable to pay their utility bill in full have several options:
  • Make a payment arrangement
    We will authorize a short-term extension (less than 30 days) to allow the customer additional time to pay the entire delinquency. Customers that do not honor their payment arrangement will be prohibited from making arrangements in the future.
  • Deferred payment plan
    At the discretion of Customer Care management, customers may defer larger bills over an extended period (up to 12 months). The deferred amount is paid in installments in addition to their regular monthly charges.
  • Obtain financial assistance
    Low-income customers may be eligible to apply for a one-time grant through a number of local social service organizations.


Customer accounts in arrears more than 30 days may be referred to a collection agency in accordance with consumer debt laws. Customers attempting to establish service with Utilities in the future may be required to repay any outstanding debts.


Each year, the City Council reviews and approves a list of accounts eligible for write-off. Accounts become eligible 48 months after the last payment has been made to the account. Write-off debts are not forgiven; Customer Care may collect the outstanding debt if the customer attempts to reestablish service with the City of Gallup.