Aquatic Center

Just Keep Swimming!

To ensure the health and safety of our members and community we are following the guidelines in the Governor’s Covid Safe Practices and the rules set forth in the current Public Health Order. The facility will operate at 50% occupancy and masks are required at all times except while in the water.
  • 25-yard Lap and Activity Pool. 

    Swimming will be limited to single lane laps only, with 11 lanes and 11 swimmers at a time. Swim blocks will be scheduled 45 minutes at a time, beginning on the hour.  Swimmers are limited to two reservations per week. Online Reservations.

  • Locker Rooms.                                                                                                                  Water fountains, lockers, and showers will not be available for use.  Swimmers are encouraged to come showered and in their swimsuits ready to swim but will be allowed to spray down before swimming

Benefits of Swimming

Relieve stress and stay healthy with swimming. It’s an excellent form of whole-body exercise regardless of your current level of fitness. Swimming involves all of your major muscle groups, strengthens your heart and improves your body’s ability to transport oxygen. Athletes often use swimming to rehabilitate after injuries and to cross-train. Persons suffering from arthritis or other painful ailments that limit mobility can take advantage of the low-impact nature of water exercise to relieve stiffness and improve their range of motion.
Our facility is designed from the ground up to conserve water and to be kind to our environment. It utilizes a state-of-the-art filtration system for healthy, clean, crystal-clear water. Get in the swim today and visit the Aquatic Center!