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Jackie McKinney, Mayor

  Linda Garcia, Councilor, Dist. 1       Allan Landavazo, Councilor, Dist. 2
Yogash Kumar, Councilor, Dist. 3       Fran Palochak, Councilor, Dist. 4

Maryann Ustick, City Manager
Curtis Hayes, City Attorney


Special Meeting - 5:00 P.M.


Roll Call


Work Session


Gallup Transportation Safety Plan

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) will provide an update on on the Gallup Transportation Safety Plan.
Fiscal Impact:
None / Discussion only item.
Speaker's Name
Neala Krueger, NMDOT

Recess Until 6:00 P.M.


Regular Meeting - 6:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance

The members of the body and the public are invited to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call


Approval of Minutes

Regular Meeting of August 28, 2018

(Minutes will be disseminated by Monday, September 10, 2018)

Discussion/Action Topics


Discussion Only: Coal Avenue Commons Project Update

Briefing Summary:  City Of Gallup - in partnership with gallupArts, Business Improvement District, and Gallup MainStreet - is currently engaged in the design process for reimagining two blocks of downtown Coal Avenue as an "event street."  To this end, the City is using "creative placemaking" for soliciting input and involving downtown property owners, businesses, artists, and other interested parties in the project with the ultimate project goal of stimulating downtown redevelopment and revitalization.

Project will ultimately involve reconstructing Coal Ave from 1st to 3rd Street.  To this end, three conceptual design options have been formulated from the "creative placemaking" public involvement process; and these options have also been presented previously for consideration to the public.  See attachment (a).

Fiscal Impact:  Construction costs will be determined with the final design.  Costs are conceptually estimated at $2M to $3M dollars.

Recommendation:  None.  As the last peg in the creative placemaking process, the Project Team is looking for the City Council's leadership and guidance with selecting and moving forward one design option to begin positioning and programming this project for construction.
Fiscal Impact:
See Discussion Above.
See Discussion Above.
Speaker's Name
Stanley Henderson - Public Works Department

Request for Street Closures for the Gallup High School Homecoming Parade to be Held on Friday, September 21, 2018

Gallup High School (GHS) is requesting approval of the closure of Aztec Avenue from 8th Street to 1st Street for the 2018 GHS Homecoming Parade.  The proposed street closure is set in accordance with the standardized parade route approved by the City Council in May, 2018.
Fiscal Impact:
TBD - City staff to provide support services for the event.
Gallup High School recommends approval of the street closure.
Speaker's Name
Christopher Trujillo, Gallup High School

Resolution No. R2018-24; 2020-2024 State Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan

Briefing SummaryState Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) requires local governments to systematically develop and annually submit a 5-year ICIP as a means of defining development needs and identifying funding sources.  The ICIP is then used by all State agencies involved in funding local government projects as a means of analyzing proposed capital outlay bills during the State legislature sessions. 

For your consideration, attachment (a) provides a complete listing and summary of all proposed ICIP projects.  Projects are the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) projects for the next five years as presented and approved by the City Council during the 18-2019 budget process.

All project estimates are “conceptual” in nature (within -25% to +75% of completed project costs) and are not exact.  Project cost estimates are repeatedly refined as each project is planned, programmed, designed, and ultimately constructed.  (To visualize this order of project cost refinement, see attachment (b) for “Estimating Accuracy Trumpet illustration.)

Public input was solicited by Staff at two public meetings on 07/26 and 08/02/18.  Public expressed interest in the completion of:

  • Coal Avenue Commons Construction Project aka Coal Avenue Event Street.

Last, DFA will no longer allow any changes after submission and before the State Legislature convenes.

Staff needs the City Council’s:

1)    Tentative identification of the 2019 top five legislative priorities; and

2)    Approval of the projects as listed in the form a resolution.  (See attachment (c).)

Fiscal ImpactThere is no direct impact on the City’s budget.  However, the State ICIP may be used as a consideration by the Governor, State agencies, and/or the State Legislature in their grant approval process. 
1.    Identify the City’s top 5 tentative projects for Legislative funding.  As a starting point for City Council discussion, Staff proposes for the City Council's consideration:
  • East Nizhoni Boulevard Reconstruction Project;
  • New Public Safety Building Construction Project;
  • New Senior Center Construction Project;
  • Coal Avenue Commons Construction Project;
  • Police Vehicles Procurement;
  • Indian Hills Ball Park Lighting Reconstruction Project;
  • Playground Of Dreams Reconstruction Project; and
  • Calle Pinon Storm Drainage Improvements Project.

2.    Approve the CIP project listing and priorities as submitted in the form of a resolution per attachment (c).

Fiscal Impact:
See Discussion Above.
See Discussion Above.
Speaker's Name
Stanley Henderson - Public Works Director

Approval of Budget Adjustment and Authorization to Add an Electric Planner Position

The Electric Department is requesting a budget adjustment to fund one Electrical Utility Service Planner.

Under the general supervision of the Electrical superintendent, the incumbent is responsible for all aspects of utility asset management including planning, development and implementation, monitoring key performance indicators, recommending changes to policy and practice based on performance indicators, incorporating best practices in asset management and forecasting resource requirements. 

This position has the same job requirements as existing Utility Planners in Water and Solid Waste Departments. 

This position is critical to strategic and operational planning support to management. This position operates as a liaison with other departments and agencies to ensure proper execution of complete project. 

Last, this position ensures timely acquisition and receipt of critical materials needed to complete projects, where in the past oversight held up execution of those projects.  
Fiscal Impact:
Annual Salary: $32,000 Benefits: Estimated 40% @ $12,800 Total: $44,800 annually We will fund through account 507 Budget. Funding is available in salary savings in the FY 2019 Electric Budget to fund this position.
Approve new FTE in the amount of $42,800 for Electric Utility Planner
Speaker's Name
Eric G. Babcock

Resolution No. R2018-25; Water Trust Board Loan and Grant Application for Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project (NGWSP) Project 10 (Reach 27.10)

Summary:  New funding will be needed for construction of Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project (NGWSP) Project 10 (Reach 27.10), which includes the installation of 16-inch, 12-inch and 8-inch waterlines from the terminus of Project 3 to the City of Gallup main water system at the Cresto Tank. The extent of this waterline is approximately 3.0 miles in an east-west direction. Additionally, “Project 10” includes the construction of a 3.0 Million Gallon storage tank and corresponding pump station, known as the Lyons tank and pump station.  The constructed 16-inch waterline will connect to Reaches 14.6, 14.7 and 14.8 in the future.  Council Resolution is required to submit funding application to New Mexico Water Trust Board for consideration.

Fiscal Impact:  Requesting up to $3.30 million from Water Trust Board for NGWSP Project 10. Typical split on NGWSP funding from WTB is 60% ($1.98 million) grant and 40% ($1.32 million) loan. A budget adjustment is needed up to $3.30 million in expenditures in addition to annual loan payments of up to $67,746.20 after project completion (0.25% interest rate, amortized over a 20 year period).

Recommendation: Staff recommends approval of Resolution R2018- to submit application to the NM Water Trust Board for Funding of Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project — Project 10 (Reach 27.10) and follow on budget adjustments, as described above, if the project is funded.
Fiscal Impact:
See Above
See Above
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Resolution No. R2018-26; Water Trust Board Loan for Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project (NGWSP) Reach 27.9

Summary:  The City applied for a Water Trust Board (WTB) Grant/Loan for Project 9 during this past year's application cycle.  The WTB has approved $2.49 million in funding (Grant of $1.47 million and Loan of $997 thousand) for this coming year.  

Project 9 (Reach 27.9) consists of the installation of a 24-inch waterline from the terminus of Project 5 (Reach 27.8) to the City of Gallup main water system. The extent of this waterline is approximately 3.2 miles in a north-south direction. Additionally, there is a lateral portion of Project 9, including a 16-inch waterline that begins mid-way through the project and extends roughly 0.4 miles eastward, terminating at the beginning of the Gibson Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Station.  

If Council approves the WTB Grant/Loan, construction of Project 9 can begin in the March-April 2019 time frame.

Fiscal Impact:   If Council approves Water Trust Board Loan, a budget adjustment is needed up to $2,493,379 (Grant Amount of $1,496,027 and Loan Amount of $997,352) in expenditures in addition to annual loan payments of up to $51,187 after project completion (0.25% interest rate, amortized over a 20 year period).

Recommendation:  Staff recommends approval of WTB Loan WPF-4338 and associated budget adjustments for the construction of Project 9 of the Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project.
Fiscal Impact:
See Above
See Above
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Request for Budget Adjustment for Change Orders for Reach 27.7A and 27.13 Construction of the Navajo Gallup Water Supply Project

Summary - The Council approved the selection of the construction of Reach 27.7A and 27.13 to Smithco Construction in the amount of $6,459,277.05 where $4,295,167 was paid from WTB #334 and the remainder will be paid through the USBR Cooperative Agreement in the amount of $2,164,110.05.

Unfortunately, completion of the project will require additional work that is stated in Change Orders 1 through 3. This will add a total of $62,805.68 to the project.

Staff requests approval of Change Orders 1 through 3 and the necessary budget adjustments in the amount of $62,805.68 in order to fund this project.

Fiscal Impact:
A budget increase of 62,805.68 with necessary budget adjustments in revenues and expenses in Fund 306.
Staff recommends approval of a budget adjustment in the amount of $62,805.68 for the project in reve
Speaker's Name
Dennis Romero

Best of the Best Rodeo

The Best of the Best rodeo event for summer 2018 was held in June of this year.  The event was at Red Rock Park.  Many City departments helped support this event with organizing, preparation work and support staff during the event.  The revenue received from the Best of the Best event is $327,766.17 and the expenses are $268,166.87.  This is a gain of $59,599.30.
Fiscal Impact:
The rodeo account is currently over budget in both revenue and expenditures. A budget adjustment of $24,295 in revenues and $57,168 in expenditures is required to close the project.
Staff recommends approval of a budget adjustment of $24,295 in revenues and $57,168 in expenditures
Speaker's Name
Patty Holland

Write-off of miscellaneous accounts receivable bad debt

Accounts receivable invoices that are at least four years old or have been determined uncollectable are scheduled for write-off as allowed by law.  We have consulted with the City Attorney and he has advised Finance that the accounts with a lien of 4 years and older with no payments are no longer collectible. In writing these off we do not forgive them, we actively work those that can be collected if the opportunity presents itself.
Fiscal Impact:
These will have an impact on budget but it is a non-cash expenditure as we are dealing with accounts not paid. The proposed write off is $13,441.65.
Approve Write-off.
Speaker's Name
Patty Holland

Lodgers Tax Grant Funding Request for Squash Blossom Classic

Summary:  This is a request for council approval for Lodgers’ Tax grant funding for the following applicant(s):

Squash Blossom Classic $7,500

The application did not see review by the Lodgers Tax Committee as it fell outside the deadlines/quarterly meeting dates.

Recommended Action: Grant Award of $7,500 to the Gallup Family Fitness for the Squash Blossom Classic Events.

Fiscal Impact:
Sufficient funding ($150,945) is still available for FY19 Lodgers Tax Grant awards.
Approval of a Lodgers Tax Grant Award in the amount of $7,500 for Squash Blossom Classic
Speaker's Name
JM DeYoung

Fiscal Year 2018 Law Enforcment Protection Fund (L.E.P.F.) Carryover

The Gallup Police Department received $66,600.00 in LEPF funding in fiscal year 2018 and expended all but 689.29 by the end of the fiscal year. GPD is requesting approval for the carryover of $689.29 from fiscal year 2018 to fiscal year 2019 in accordance with the N.M. D.F.A. Local Government Division.  
Fiscal Impact:
Budget increase of $690.00 (to expend funds).
Approval of the carryover of FY 2018 LEPF funds in the amout of $689.29 to FY 2019.
Speaker's Name
Franklin Boyd

Appointments to the Keep Gallup Clean and Beautiful Board

Shonto Greyeyes and Jutta Stonawski are recommended to fill the two remaining positions on the Keep Gallup Clean and Beautiful (KGCB) Board.  Mr. Greyeyes is with Ancestral Lands and Ms. Stonawski is a teacher with the Gallup McKinley County School District.
Fiscal Impact:
Appoint Shonto Greyeyes and Jutta Stonawski to the KGCB Board.
Speaker's Name
Mayor Jackie McKinney

Transfer of funds to purchase property for Maxwell Lift Station

At the June 27, 2017 meeting, the Council authorized the purchase of a piece of property from Jayson Gomez for $20,600. The purpose of the purchase is to construct a new sewage lift station on the northeast side of town. In obtaining a title commitment, it developed that there was a problem with the chain of title that went back to a probate of a previous owner. Therefore, it was necessary to complete a quiet title action in District Court. A judgment clearing the title was filed on August 21, 2018. The action by city council on June 27, 2017 did not designate a fund from which the purchase amount would be taken. Therefore, it is requested that Council authorized the transfer of the purchase amount to Fund 508.The closing costs of $431.54 have been paid out of the Legal Department's budget.
Fiscal Impact:
$20,600 from reserve cash in fund 508.
Approval of the budget adjustment of $20,600 in fund 508.
Speaker's Name
Curtis Hayes

Motion to Adjourn Into Closed Session

For the purpose of discussing pending litigation, Paso Robles Tank - Brown Minneapolis Tank, Inc., v. City of Gallup, Civil Action No. 1:18-cv00770-LF-JHR, pursuant to NMSA Section 10-15-1(H)(7)

Motion to Reconvene Regular Meeting


Certification for the Record of the Matters Discussed During the Closed Session


Comments by Public on Non-Agenda Items

The public is invited to comment on items not appearing on the published meeting agenda. 

Comments by Mayor and City Councilors


Comments by City Manager and City Attorney


Motion to Adjourn

Auxiliary aides for the disabled are available upon request.  Please contact Alfred Abeita, City Clerk, at 505-863-1254 at least (1) week prior to the meeting or as soon as possible in advance of the meeting to make any necessary arrangements.

 Pursuant to the “Open Meetings Act”, NMSA 1978, Section 10-15-1 through 10-15-4 of the State of New Mexico, this Agenda was posted at a place freely accessible to the public 72 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.