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Jackie McKinney, Mayor

  Linda Garcia, Councilor, Dist. 1       Allan Landavazo, Councilor, Dist. 2
Yogash Kumar, Councilor, Dist. 3       Fran Palochak, Councilor, Dist. 4

Maryann Ustick, City Manager
Curtis Hayes, City Attorney


Special Meeting - 3:30 P.M.


Roll Call


Work Session

1.  5-Year Community Improvement Plan - Maryann Ustick, City Manager and Stan Henderson, Public Works Director

Recess Until 6:00 P.M.


Regular Meeting - 6:00 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance

The members of the body and the public are invited to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call


Approval of Minutes

Special Meetings of March 20 & 21, 2018
Regular Meeting of March 27, 2018

Presentation of Proclamation

National Library Week, April 9-13-2018

Discussion/Action Topics


Discussion Only: Local Election Act

Summary:  The Local Election Act repeals the Municipal Election Code and enacts new material for conducting elections at the local level.  State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto, one of the bill's sponsors, will provide an overview of the new legislation.
Fiscal Impact:
None - discussion item only.
None - discussion item only.
Speaker's Name
Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto

Request for Street Closures for the Annual Memorial Day Parade to be Held on Monday, May 28, 2018 and the Annual Veterans' Day Parade to be Held on Monday, November 12, 2018

Summary:  Randal Henry of the Gallup-McKinley Veterans Committee, will present the request for the closure of Aztec Avenue from Hillcrest Cemetery to the Courthouse Plaza for both parades and ceremonies.
Fiscal Impact:
TBD - staff to provide support services for both City sponsored events.
Staff recommends approval of the requested street closures.
Speaker's Name
Randal Henry, Gallup-McKinley Veterans Committee

Public Hearing regarding wholesale liquor license application by Premier Distributing Company

The Alcohol and Gaming Division has granted preliminary approval for this application. According to the preliminary approval letter, "the applicant is seeking a wholesale license distributing beer. The applicant currently has a wholesale license at this location but has had a change to the stockholders (ownership) of the company."

NMSA §60-6B-4 provides that a local governing body may approve or disapprove the transfer of a liquor license after holding a public hearing. “The governing body may disapprove the . . . transfer of the license if (1) the proposed location is within an area where the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by the laws of New Mexico; (2) the . . . transfer would be in violation of a zoning or other ordinance of the governing body; or (3) the . . . transfer would be detrimental to the public health, safety, or morals of the local option district.” The New Mexico Supreme Court has held that “the discretion that the city council has to deny a transfer on moral grounds must be based on the moral effects of the operation by a specific applicant or at a particular location.” Dick v. City of Portales, 1994-NMSC-092. Similarly, to deny a transfer based on safety issues, there must be substantial evidence that the transfer to this particular location would be detrimental to safety. City of Santa Fe v. Woodard, 1996-NMSC-098.
Fiscal Impact:
None. The council's decision must be based upon evidence presented at the public hearing.
Speaker's Name
Curtis Hayes

John Moore, Conditional Use Permit Appeal

Mr. John Moore, owner, National RV Properties LLC, dba USA RV Park, has submitted a request to the Gallup City Council to consider an appeal from the Gallup Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to deny a conditional use permit to allow for the placement of three (3) single family detached dwelling units (manufactured homes) upon a single parcel of land, to be used as permanent living quarters, to replace three (3) existing non-conforming trailer houses on the same parcel of land within the Heavy Commercial (C-3B) Zoning District. The property is located at 2925 West Hwy. 66, (NM 118), more particularly described as the K.O.A. Subdivision containing approximately 13.8 acres.

See Attached
Fiscal Impact:
See Attached
Speaker's Name
C.B. Strain

End of FY18 & Quarter 1 of FY 19 Lodgers Tax Grants


This is a request for council approval for Lodgers’ Tax grant funding for the following applicants based on the recommendations of the Lodgers Tax Committee from their meeting on March 26, 2018

FY18 End of Fiscal Recommended Grant Awards:
Gallup Senior Softball League $13350.00
Spring Smash Softball Tournament $5000.00
NMHSRA & JHSRA Rodeo Semi-finals $8000.00
Grand Total Q4 part 2 Lodgers Tax Award Recommendation: $26,350.00

FY 19 Quarter 1 Recommended Grant Awards: (Annual funds available per budget approval of FY19 is 323,000)
Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial $50,000
Gallup Film Festival $16000
Wildthing Championship Bull Riding $25,000
Native Film Series $10,660
Route 66 Freedom Ride Flight & Cruise $21,391
Red Rock 100 Desert Race $12500.00
Adventure Mud Run $9704.00
Kicker Arenacross $12,000
Grand Total Q1 Lodgers Tax Award Recommendation: $157,255.00

Fiscal Impact:
FY18 Lodgers Tax Grant Budget: $26,350. Funding is still available in the budget. FY19 Lodgers Tax Grant Budget: $157,255 of the $323,000 pending council approval of the FY19 budget.
Approval of recommended grant awards for FY18 end of Fiscal and FY19 quarter 1.
Speaker's Name
Jennifer Lazarz

McCune Foundation Grant Award

Summary:  Council Of Governments, on behalf of the City, has secured a $25,000 grant from the McCune Charitable Foundation for the NEA Coal Ave Commons Construction Project; aka as the City's events street.  Please see enclosure (1) through (3) for additional information.

Fiscal Impact:  None.  See enclosure (4) for an updated project budget estimate.

Recommendation:  Staff recommends that the City Council accept the McCune Foundation funding as part of the required one-to-one match for the National Endowment Of The Art's $150,000 grant.

Enclosures:  (1) McCune Foundation ltr of 10 Feb 18
                    (2) McCune Foundation General Terms & Conditions Of Grant
                    (3) McCune Foundation ltr of 12 Mar 18
                    (4) Estimated Project Budget of 4/4/18 14:04

Fiscal Impact:
See description above.
See description above.
Speaker's Name
Stanley Henderson

City Phone System Upgrade

In March 2018, the City suffered a catastrophic loss of the Enterprise Messaging System.  Mitel’s maintenance contractor had an old Enterprise Messaging Server in their warehouse and was able to restore functionality of our phone system.  There are no more replacement parts if that one goes down as well.  The phone system is at end of life and would need a new system at the end of our contract term in 18 months.  The implementation time for a new system is about four months from procurement to go live.  We were able to negotiate the upgrade now with the same company for an increase of less than $3,000 a year from what we are paying now.  This is a cloud solution versus an on-premise solution which will eliminate hardware issues in the future.

Fiscal Impact:
None. It will be covered by existing budget.
Recommend approving contract
Speaker's Name
Brian Archuleta

Naviline Upgrade

The City has been looking for a Disaster Recovery option to protect our Enterprise Application Software (EAS) Naviline.  Because Naviline uses an IBM A/S 400 server for its database and several application servers to run Naviline, keeping a redundant system at an off-site location is too expensive.  There are cloud-based solutions provided by other companies, but those range from $30,000-$100,000.  The City does have a 24-hour maintenance agreement in place for the IBM A/S 400 and other servers, but the time-frame to get Naviline up and running is approximately 72-hours.

Since we are long-standing customers with Superion, we were able to move to the cloud-based system for $2,000 less per year and have a price-guarantee for 5-years versus the 5% increase we currently pay each year.

The most important benefit of this solution is they provide the disaster recovery solution and will be able to get us up and running within minutes, not hours or days.

Fiscal Impact:
None. It will be covered by existing budget.
Recommend approving contract
Speaker's Name
Brian Archuleta

Approval of Fire Dept CPR Training Revenue to Purchase New Cardiac Monitor

The Gallup Fire Department respectfully request approval to obligate $37,436.34 from revenue accumulated through the fire department’s CPR training program for expenditure of a cardiac monitor.

Currently, account 799-0000-229.20-00 has a balance of $49,507.90. 

If approved, the cardiac monitor will be assigned to Station 3, east district ambulance/rescue. At this time, south and north district are the most recent stations to be furnished with new cardiac monitors. 

Fiscal Impact:
Budget adjustment: Increase Fund 101-2541-422-48-20 expenditures of $37,436.34.
Staff recommends approval
Speaker's Name
Eric Babcock, Fire Chief
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Comments by Public on Non-Agenda Items

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Motion to Adjourn

Auxiliary aides for the disabled are available upon request.  Please contact Alfred Abeita, City Clerk, at 505-863-1254 at least (1) week prior to the meeting or as soon as possible in advance of the meeting to make any necessary arrangements.


Pursuant to the “Open Meetings Act”, NMSA 1978, Section 10-15-1 through 10-15-4 of the State of New Mexico, this Agenda was posted at a place freely accessible to the public 72 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.