Humane Society Fees

The following schedule of fees is subject to change without notice.
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Adoption Fee

Includes spay or neuter, deworming and age-appropriate vaccinations.

Animal Adoptee Fee
Dogs $100.00
Senior Dogs (6 Years and Up) $75.00
Cats $55.00

Reclaim Fees

Fees are calculated per animal and per service. ALL ANIMALS WILL BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED PRIOR TO RELEASE TO OWNER.

Service Fee
Impound Fee $30.00
Canine Rabies Vaccination - One Year $14.00
License - Dog/Cat - Unspayed/Un-neutered $25.00
License - Dog/Cat - Spayed/Neutered $5.00
Canine Bordetella Vaccination $18.00
Canine Deworm $5.00
Canine DHL/Parvo Vaccination $18.00
Room and Board per Day - Small Dogs and Cats $10.00
Room and Board per Day - Large Dogs (40 lbs. and Up) $15.00
Feline FVRCP Vaccination - One Year $14.00

Euthanasia and Disposal

Service Fee
Euthanasia Procedure $35.00
Disposal Service for Dogs $15.00
Disposal Service for Cats $10.00

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Clinic is held every Wednesday. Schedule appointment and pay fee prior to service.

Service Fee
Canine Spay or Neuter $65.00
Feline Spay Contact Shelter
Feline Neuter Contact Shelter

Large Animals and Livestock

Service Fee
Impound Fee per Head $50.00
Room and Board per Head $15.00