Planning and Development


The City of Gallup has been in the process of updating its Land Development Standards. The updated Land Development Standards will provide citizens, policymakers, and developers with the tools to ensure that growth takes place in a consistent and desirable manner, and in ways that make sense for the City of Gallup.

The Diagnostic Report is the first step in the update process. The Diagnostic Report is a technical review to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current Land Development Standards, and makes preliminary recommendations for updating the zoning code and subdivision regulations. 

The drafts of the updated documents are now available for public review. The revised zoning code draft governs how land can be utilized within the City of Gallup, and contains updated zoning districts and allowable use tables; as well as development standards (e.g. design requirements, parking standards, and landscape needs) for each zoning district.

The revised subdivision regulations draft, guide how parcels of land may be split into smaller individual plots for development. The subdivision regulations have been revised for ease of use and to reflect current practices for the City of Gallup. Also, the document contains the infrastructure and public improvements that must be provided during the land development process.

Also, for your convenience these final documents now available for your use: